How our lives got RV’d


The RV life is nostalgic, retro, and just a little bit romantic. If you want to travel the country for an extended time, there’s really no better way to do it. You’re in control of the road because you’re basically taking up the entire road. Ask anyone about RVs and you typically get three sets of answers.

Oh I’d love to do that!

Oh I remember great trips with my family!

Ummmm, that’s outside my grid. I need to think about it.

If you haven’t guessed, I’m the 3rd answer. And here is where our RV story begins. My beautiful wife Kara is an adventurer. She loves to be spontaneous and find new adventure experiences. Myself on the other hand, I like things to stay the same. Always.

Eat the same food. Check!

Live the same routine. Love it!

Make changes for the sake of it. Wouldn’t dream of it!

Ok so we’ve established some important personality traits here. But this is also the beauty of GOD and how He brings a couple together. She is a masterful collection of strengths to things that I don’t do very well.

So back in April, Kara and I were having dinner with friends up in northern Atlanta. We were talking about our living plans after we got married and a seemingly innocent question came up for us.

Have you guys ever thought about living in a RV?

My mind started to slowly crank the wheel of possibility on something that I never gave an ounce of thought.

Then I looked at my fiancee’s eyes…

I can’t say I had ever seen before what an exploding rainbow looked like in someone’s eyes. But there it was in full radiance over her entire facial expression. Kara loved the idea. And in fact, she had actually been looking into RVs that prior week!

So now back to me. All 3 pairs of eyes were glued for my reaction to this idea. After witnessing a rare multi-dimensional time-splitting rainbow erupt from my soon-to-be-wife, I had the presence of mind to not close the door on the idea. Ya know, just play it cool and keep that door of possibility just a tad bit creaked…

Well that decision turned out to be the beginning of a journey I never saw coming. THE NEXT DAY. We were looking at a Class C 24-footer that we actually made an offer to buy but the seller went with a higher offer. Over the course of that following week, I started to become more and more open to the idea of a RV being our first home.

The second RV we considered was a larger Class A motorhome that was very nice but we both agreed that it was just a little bigger than what we could handle as our first RV purchase. So the search continued until we found a 2002 Winnebago Class A 28-footer. She was only gently used over the years with less than 50k miles and she was just the right size for us to get into the RV lifestyle.

So there we are. Proud new owners of Winnie our Winnebago. After making such a big leap to embrace this new world, I knew there was only one larger leap to make.

Mechanical Ingenuity!

More on those crazy stories in our next installment…